Class Tuition

Ages 2 1/2 - 5

Tuition for younger children includes 36 weeks of programming. Programming includes three tech/rehearsal weeks. All ballet classes participate in all three productions (except princess which only participates in Cinderella. Princesses will get 2 tickets to Nutcracker and Wizard of Oz in lieu of class. A full year of tuition can be broken into 10 installments or Paid-In-Full up front (5 % discount).

There is only a 60 day commitment at any time for tuition payments (Written Notice Required).

Price of each class broken down into the installment amounts:

Princess/Fairy tale (45 Min)  1 Day/Wk - $65

Princess/Fairy tale (45 Min)  2 Days/Wk - $95

Fairy Tale/Level 1 (60 Min)  1 Day/Wk- $75

Fairy Tale/Level 1 (60 Min)  2 Days/Wk- $125

Ages 6+

Tuition at these ages is based on how many hours of dance classes per week a student will be taking. Tuition includes 36 weeks of programming, which includes three weeks of tech/rehearsal.  A full year of Tuition can be broken into 10 installments (as shown below) or Paid-In-Full up front (5 % discount).  New students should not buy the class color leotard until they have take at least two classes and their placement level is approved. From Level 5 and up the level is very much technical placement vs age based placement. 


NOTE: Partnering is NOT included in the tuition maximum. It is the only class that is in addition to the max

There is only a 60 day commitment at any time for tuition payments (Written Notice Required).


Additional Children: 20 % off

Active Military: 10% off

Rural Families: 10 % off for families who live more than 20 miles away from the school

Full Payment: 5% off a whole year if fees are Paid-In-Full up front

*Combined Discounts may not reach more than 20%

Our mission at the Wilmington School of Ballet is to use ballet as a tool to nurture health, confidence, kindness, and discipline in each dancer. This is achieved by excellent classroom instruction and theatrical performance opportunities. We value and strive to teach technical excellence, overall wellness, creative artistry, character development, & community service. To help achieve our goals, we offer dance lessons & ballet classes to both youth and adults in the Wilmington, NC (Cape Fear) area which include pointe; pre-pointe, ballet, tap, jazz, choreography, kids only classes, pre-school classes, and so much more!

Operational hours 3:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Office Hours 12:30 pm - 5:30 pm

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