Note: You should always use a cleanser and start with a clean face. Think of your skin as a canvas and it should be clean and ready to absorb the paints (make-up) to be applied. Moisturizer is also recommended here before applying make-up.

What You Will Need:*
•    Nourishing Cream Cleanser for Sensitive/Normal Skin
•    Cosmetics Brush Collection
•    Tint Skin Foundation 
•    Mattify Finishing Powder
•    Pearl Eye Shade 
•    Malt, Fawn or Bronze Eye Shade 
•    Optional-Color Define Brow Pencil -Brown 
•    Optional- Fantasy Lengths Maximum Wear Glue On Eyelashes (Revlon)
•    Color Pinch Cream Blusher in Hibiscus or Color Sweep Blush Duo
•    Color Contour Matte Bronzer 
•    Optional- Sparkle Eye Dust (N.Y.C. Brand)
•    Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner (Milani) or Color Outline Eye Pencil Black (Beauty Counter) 
•    Lengthening Mascara Black 
•    Scarlet Lip Sheer
•    Brush Set & Cosmetics Bag

(All products are Beauty Counter unless otherwise stated)


Step-By-Step Guide:
1.    Start by applying foundation on your face and neck using a Foundation or Complexion brush. Make

       sure to blend it in well.
2.    Apply light powder over foundation with a powder brush to set the foundation.
3.    Take pearly white eye shade and apply over eye-lid and under eyebrow to highlight.
4.    Darken eyebrows and the crease of your eye-lid w/brown eye pencil or brown eye shadow.
5.    Apply false eye-lashes. (optional)
6.    Place blush under cheek bone and bronzer on jaw-line to define it. 
7.    Use sparkle dust or eye shade on the inner corner of your eye to make eyes look larger. (optional)
8.    Use liquid black eye-liner with a felt tip or black eye liner pencil over top eye-lid and extend it out in

       wing shape.
9.    Apply lengthening mascara on eye-lashes and lower lashes.
10.  Use a red lipstick and blot it so it won’t stick to your teeth.

Recommended Make-up Removers: 
o    Cleansing Balm, Baby Soothing Oil and Nourishing Cleanser (Beautycounter)

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